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Final Battle EVER


This is our final event ever! Most important event in the history of DCP.

SATURDAY, March 25th


Server: Summit – Location: Ice Berg

5:30pm EST, 4:30pm CST, 3:30pm MST, 2:30pm PST, 10:30pm GMT

==Orange Spring==

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Our HQ:

Club Penguin’s filters became too strict and ever since we have began using this chat box for better communication. We have lots of fun here, and you can also make tons of new friends! Our chat is moderated by professionals, be sure to not cause trouble!

Welcome to the Doritos of Club Penguin


 Did you find us on Club Penguin? Click HERE to join.

After that, you will be put on our RANKS page after some time.

Then, you should click HERE to come to our chat, where we discuss battle plans and hang out.

Final DCP Event EVER!

Our final event ever will be on Saturday, March 25th. Everyone is expected to be there – all past and present DCP! Everyone must make a heavy effort to come. If most older veterans can come, so can you. Everyone can find a way to make this event. This is the most important event in the history of our entire army. DCP will be ending, but our legacy is forever.

❗ The Finale ❗



5:30PM EST, 4:30PM CST, 3:30PM MST, 2:30PM PST, 10:30PM GMT

Family Forever!

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Training Day [SUCCESS]

Today we logged on for our 2nd-to-last event ever! We did phenomenal. We’re the greatest to ever do this. We were able to conquer for so many years against all odds! We stood up for what we believed in and we declared war on everyone we deemed worthy and for that we have some critics but as the saying goes “if you don’t have haters you ain’t poppin”, with that being said – today we were poppin. This merely goes to show that our army may be coming to an end but our legacy will live on forever! Family Forever!




Patrolling Summit [SUCCESSFUL]

Today we logged onto our Capital server to ensure that all of the citizens hanging out on Summit were secure! We had lots of fun doing so, and we were easily able to max sizes of 40+. All on a Monday night, how glorious! We are the Doritos, and THIS is OUR Legacy!



=Orange Spring=

Until later,

March On!

~Mustapha10 DCP Main Leader & Legend


Everyone attend today’s event! You all are required to attend because we are the Doritos and this is our legacy. This is how we will ensure that our legacy lives on forever. Together we will achieve nothing less than greatness simply because we are the greatest to ever do this. This is the era of the Doritos, and our time is now!


Battle Timings are always stickied as the top post on the website!

=Orange Spring=



Never forget

Hello Doritos!

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