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    We have done the impossible, and we were always known for standing up for what was right, even if stood alone.

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Finishing at the top.

With the march 29th deadline for Club Penguin approaching There are 20 days of original Club Penguin left.  Sad as that might be we have a notion of pride and brotherhood to take from this.  For we are finishing at the top as the biggest army of the last days of Club Penguin.  We have been maxing 40 on week days, which is beyond the capability and numbers of any other army in the community at this time.  Something amazing that contributes to this is that all of the old Leaders, Moderators, and owners have come back to their home (Myself included) to finish off the end of our community at the top, being the biggest army with the only family feeling in armies being within our chat room. Fake News CPAC may claim we are not the biggest but we know whats correct.   Throughout the past week where I have become active on both xat and Club Penguin once more to support and battle alongside DCP it has clarified a singular thing.  We are a family here, and this family will continue to win until the final days of this army.

“We’re going to win so much. You’re going to get tired of winning. ~Donald J Trump

Once again to reiterate. It is amazing that we have the honor earned by only ourselves to finish this chapter of our history as the best there is.  People who used to know this community and know it now will reflect upon us as the biggest, the most dedicated, and the best.  A high honor we have obtained through our hard work.  2 years ago I personally left the army community in its entirety to move onto bigger things. But the allure of assisting the great Doritos Army to finishing on the top dragged me straight back in.  Even after 2 years being gone, DCP still feels like a family.  The sense of brotherhood we have earned through our own work is amazing and self rewarding to our work in this army.

We got 20 days left and its our job to make them the best 20 days in DCP history.  Attend events, recruit, and be active on DCP chat.  Everything relating to DCP contributes!

~Mr Waffle 45


2 Responses

  1. This was an outstanding post, truly moved me

  2. Family Forever.

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