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The Removal Of Badboy

Hello Doritos,

Yes, you read that correctly, Badboy has since been exiled from the Doritos’ empire. Now, I know many of you are wonder; “Why in the HELL was bad couped?”. Well, great question. Simply put, Badboy wasn’t fit for the leadership position. This can be said for many aspects of his leadership qualities. Firstly, he made sporadic decisions that greatly impacted the army as a whole, an example of this would be declaring war on the RPF, or getting ACP and AR to hand over their entire nation to the Doritos in order to avoid further conflict with the RPF. Ironically, this entire situation led to a mismanaged mess, leaving many others and I to try and rectify Bad’s decision making. It’s not just that though, over the course of the past few weeks, fellow troops and I have begun to notice very suspect things occurring at some events. One of those things being very suspect penguins. When Bad and I established this generation, I made it clear to him that NO CHEATING of any kind would take place. With his track record along with the very suspect things transpiring under his supervision, I have concluded that Badboy was either encouraging cheating or cheating himself. Many former leaders and current troops can attest to this. As I have said many times before, I do not tolerate any form of cheating. Basically, Badboy made several important choices without thinking prior to his decision making. For this, he has been removed from the empire. Jester, DCP Legend, has been appointed leader alongside Mikester, 32op, and I. We will continue to rise, and we will resume or regular schedule of events.


~13yearoldn00b, Doritos Leader



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