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Hello Doritos!

Today’s battles kicked off with our UK defense of Adventure from RPF. Unfortunately ACP weren’t able to defend Canoe successfully at AUSIA times, but thats only one server, we’ll get it back! Anyways, at Adventure, DCP pulled out a rather heroic win, as we started off very sloppy and lost the first room, but performed exponentially well in the cove against RPF who just kept sitting on us to make themselves look bigger, and then completely destroyed RPF in the ice rink, where we had the size advantage and flawless tactics, we ended up maxing 20+. Adventure is secure!

This was honestly an amazing performance on DCP’s part, these types of comeback battles are what make armies exciting and drive us to stay the #1 army. Also if you see my boy teamrpf000, be sure to say hello, its his birthday today!


3 Responses

  1. Outstanding performance, DCP!

  2. i attended good job guys

  3. i attended the UK defense of Adventure.

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