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[US] Carbonated Sprite

Alright so this kid Sprite seems to be butthurt over Musta tearing him to shreds on CPAC comments, so he does what he does best and pulls out his bot script (sort of like Flen, but hes even more of an autist), and raids our event. Luckily we have picture evidence to provide this, and we will speak to Elmikey, and a decision will be made. We circled the forts, averaging 42, and didn’t get to perform any tactics because of the bots.

But they say anyone would log in to Chilly. Wrong! If this wasn’t in fact Sprite’s former DCP multilog, then why wouldn’t it have been banned like the others? Sprite deliberately changed the password on this specific account and used it to raid us with.

Please, your carbonated face and fat lips are too much for me. Stop playing yourself.


5 Responses

  1. All because of a stupid bot script, everyone hates on Sprite. Just a bot script.

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