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The Renouncement Of Multilogging In The Doritos Army

Greetings, all. Most of you know me from my time in the UMA, and grown accustomed to seeing me during my reign as CEO of CP Army Central. During this time you all were able to see that I, much like you all, much like everyone in armies, dislikes multilogging to the fullest extent. From the beginning of 2015, Zing and I were the first to initiate the anti-multilogging media and snowballing. I joined the Doritos because the people in this army are good friends and nice human beings outside of this game, but in this game I want to make sure we’re playing fair, even if other armies aren’t. For this reason, I felt it necessary to write this post, and execute the following actions.

Very recently, an anti-DCP petition was circulated and addressed a full scale boycott of the army I’ve come to lead. While my expected response should’ve been anger or sadness, it was quite the opposite. I saw an opportunity; an opportunity to help purify the Doritos whom have faced each suspicion that could be imagined, and with that, somehow help fix this community. There were indeed people in the Doritos who were accused as elite multiloggers themselves and this cannot continue on. That is why Mustapha and I, during one of our discussions, brought up the topic and made certain decisions regarding the leadership.

Sprite has been fired and banished from the Doritos Army for his multilogging and bot raiding; We felt that right off the bat, the removal of Sprite was a necessity, as he represented everything we wanted the Doritos to be against. Within our ranks, two former leaders by the name of Bam and West had been accused of multilogging, be it in the past or during their time in other armies, and have since been migrated to ACP. During Sprites fit of anger over being removed he leaked “Bad’s” multilogs, though they may have been his own. Whatever the case, Badboy will stand trial for these accusations, regardless of whether or not I believe his innocence. Along with these people already mentioned, there have been allegations against Trader, whom was accused in ACP. While the DCP gives refuge to all those who seek it, and while Trader has already promised he isn’t multilogging anymore, I have already informed Trader that if he is multilogging for the Doritos, he will lose his rank and be banished.

Without a doubt, this is one of the largest internal crackdowns in CP Army history, and the post isn’t even done yet. While the majority of our troops couldn’t care less regarding the petitions and deductions, I feel differently. Why is this? I feel that excluding armies instead of trying to work out the issues with the leadership (like what is being done now) is unfair. Your petition, while I respect the movement, isn’t very well executed, and takes the fun away from all of my troops. But I am a fair man, and during my time as CEO I’ve given multiple armies second chances, third fourth and fifth, sometimes, and now that I’ve come back into the battling of the community with a purpose, I ask for another chance, as I promise each and every one of you two things:

  1. I will work to make sure that the Doritos remained cleansed of Any and All multilogs;
  2. If you refuse to give us a chance, despite my attempts at good will, you will have forced my hand: I know you all have your dirty lies and secrets too.

To conclude, Sprite has been deposed, Bam and West relocated, Badboy will stand trial, and Trader is under oath. It is thanks to Mustapha that these necessary moves may be made, as otherwise we’d subject ourselves to unneeded accusations. During my time as CEO I was criticized for not halting the trend and enacting change, but this is because CPAC isn’t the most direct outlet, and this requires case by case attention. I am sympathetic to the cause and resolve of the community’s movement. So I declare it proudly, from this day forward, mark your calendars, DCP stands stronger.

Progress: Forward

Mach, Doritos Leader


4 Responses

  1. I doubt Bam or West even multi logged though

  2. >bep sticks his dick inside of me

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