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Oh AR, Always Erong!

don’t read this

Clearly AR have something wrong with them. Recently when we had an AMAZING invasion of Summit, maxing 50+, where AR decided sit on all of our troops, throw snowballs, and just continue to be annoying. With these midgets running around, they decided to lock our troops out. And after we defended for a while, we decided to regroup on Klondike, and we’re glad we did because otherwise we wouldn’t have got all of our troops in the same place and have been able to reach those sizes.

Regarding the situation with Blurryface, he does not say we’re multilogging. If I jumped to these many damn conclusions I’d be looking like a crackhead, slimmer than Lindsay Lohan during rehab. And regarding Bally’s stance, the chat size was near 25. Blurry suggested if we all called 3 owners to chat we could get 50+ on CP.

“Wow you got a lot of members on quick wow”

Aren’t we allowed to recruit and call like any other army? What’s that supposed to mean? Just because AR can’t recruit and only is capable of reaching 20+ (that’s with Nachos), doesn’t make it right to crap on other armies who can.

Oh, and not to mention, out of the few minutes DCP even decided to show up, this is what I found.

Don’t you dare say “Oh they’re new!”, these are what BlurryFace called, “each owners 3 penguins”

They’re new. What are you gonna do now Trippy lmao? Call me fat? Oh please man, tell me something I don’t know! It’s probably all you’ve got, other than autism. I’ll sit on you, square up fam.

And below is what he ACTUALLY said. Keep on putting words in his mouth. He’s not going to openly discuss multilogging on main chat, use common sense.

There’s nowhere to run AR. Square up for once.

Apollo // Doritos 2ic 


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