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    Welcome to the legendary Doritos Army of Club Penguin website!

    We were the strongest army in Club Penguin army history. We were created on February 8, 2010 by Wwebestfan, and we lived strong all the way until Club Penguins closure. We've fought the hardest battles, and always came out on top.

    We have done the impossible, and we were always known for standing up for what was right, even if stood alone.

    Thank you for showing your interest in our legacy

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Hello Doritos!

After the disgusting Light Troops invaded our capital server, Summit, on our off day, so we marched on to Summit and reclaimed it with amazing sizes of 50+ and perfect tactics. We battled AR in the pool for a while, and then we realized how stupid it was to sit around getting J bombed and snowballed, so we quickly grouped in the town and we did absoluetely outstanding. AR logged off once they saw us gain size, and thought I’d be funny to leave put on an autotyper in the town to disrupt our tactics. But, like always, they failed, and the Holy Dorito empire now owns Summit once more! I’d like to thank Apollo for pictures. Remember DCP, this is just the beginning. Great job fam!

Am proud!!!


See you on the battlefield


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