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Bless Up

So now it has come to this. Six armies teaming up on one. Maybe most of you might have forgot what happened the last time an alliance teamed up on DCP. Although I was on the losing side of that, I got to see the strength and passion in this army. In this post, I will be dissecting each of the armies who oppose DCP and apparently “fight for good”, and showing you who and what they really are, and what they really stand for.

Army Republic – Or as I like to call the KKK because man, if you’re going to put a bunch of KKK looking outfits on, at least be an army who people are afraid of. But anyways, back on topic. You guys are pathetic, you always have been. Your head honco, Burr, is like 19 years old (also 4’3 which is pretty upsetting for someone at that age), and has claimed other armies multilog and how much he dislikes cheating, yet he was exposed for doing it years ago. His leading companion, Vinny, called him out for being a joke some time ago and yet he still lurks around AR thinking he’ll make a difference in this community when his time has long passed. You need to get a life mate, time’s running out. AR then forms an alliance consisting of three armies, and you still can’t beat us, because as a whole the entire alliance maxes 25, on a good day.  Wait a second, make that two armies, because who knows what WV’s been doing. Space Soldiers are starting to look better than them. To AR, keep “cleansing” servers that you haven’t even invaded, and keep claiming you’re winning a war that hasn’t even really started yet. You haven’t seen the best of DCP yet, and when you do I’ll sure be seeing all of your on your asses begging for a treaty.

Nachos – This one sort of upsets me to address because of how embarrassing it is, and although they’re pretty irrelevant I just feel its necessary to include them because of the stupidity we’ve encountered over the past week. One of the leaders of this army, Akabob, or that might not even be his original name because hes from 2007 and he still hasn’t got a life since then, but moving on, makes a vlog channel on youtube where he dresses up in a black mask and gloves, and goes around his neighbor hood at 4 AM pretending to be me and talking about CP Armies. What a pimp. Wish I was friends with that guy. The nachos, like their ally AR, have been of no significance to this community for a while now, and barely average 10+ at events AR doesn’t assist them in. (those events only reach up to a whopping 20, so still nothing to get excited about!) The only place where the Nachos show their worth is in tournaments hosted by CPAC, and even then they perform poorly, because who’s going to be interested in a tournament final when you know one of the armies there is only capable of reaching 40? Lol. The Nachos have been sticking their nose in conflicts that don’t involve them for years now, and this time isn’t different. Keep it up guys, I’ll surely be checking Nachos site soon to see a 3,000 word essay from akabob about this paragraph.

Water Vikings – This army, who attacked the holy Dorito empire when we were on the verge of death to gain servers, now sees themselves at the bottom of the CPA community, and still plans to strike us with their so-called “allies”, but I wouldn’t be so worried about them, AR+Nachos 20+, and WV’s 10+ added on is just making me sweat so much when I come on to battle everyday! Am I right!? You guys can keep whining about how you think we multilog to gain success, but I would first go ask Bloodline if they got payed yet by DrMatt for the hard work and effort they’ve done to make the tide rise. Happy near year, and congrats to NOT being the army of 2015. A for effort. 🙂

Light Troops – Oh this one’s gonna be good. “Bless up” Waterkid titled his last post. Yeah man, trust all of us that we’re praying for you. This man, if you even want to call him a man, spends hours upon hours, which have added up to years upon years, of coming on here everyday and attempting to insult and belittle people based on their appearance, religion, sexual orientation, you name it. In his last post that I mentioned earlier, he included irl pictures of people in the DCP ownership because he ASSUMED Mustapha raided his chat with nulls. Not to mention the fact that the pictures of Mustapha, aren’t even him, the picture of me is from 2 years ago, and the pictures of Apollo and Sprite had nothing wrong with them whatsoever. None of them did, but this guy lives to insult people and somehow got voted in as a CPA legend. But hey, being a CPA legend lost its value a long time ago, so it’s not something any of us pay attention to. And for someone who gets as many recruits as LT does, as a troop, this is REALLY someone I’d look up to. This guy claims hes in college, and on a winter break, yet I didn’t know anyone beyond the likes of Elmikey and a couple others at your age were still interested in CP Armies. But hey, thats none of my business big man. LT is another army who of course claims we multilog, because really, who doesn’t? When you’re the best you get heat for it. Simple. But the funny thing about when LT says we’re fake, is that how can you call DCP fake when your whole army is bought out for you. This guy pays DrMatt to suck up any bit of adspace he can get his hands on. LT basically buys their troops. It’s no surprise when they get 50, because if you got money, you can just buy your way to success. So Waterkid, when you’re laptop isn’t broken apparently, come battle DCP and see the meaning of true power, unless you’re just going to brag about having pictures of me irl, because that’s all that you’re good at. I’ll also be checking up on LT site to see what essay you have written up for me by tomorrow. Surprisingly, it MAY BE longer than Akabob’s. I guess we’ll just have to find out. Stay salty man.

Ice Warriors – Man this is just funny. IW, you surely HAVE to have something better than this. Your leadership is a joke. It is now made up of DW retirees who have no interest in CP armies any longer, and are just there simply to up their chances at becoming a CPA legend. They aren’t there for you, they dont care about helping IW in the long run, all three of them in fact, have been on the legend ballot this past year, and despite none of them getting enough votes to be inducted, they’re still looking for their chance to make it, so consider this their last stint at achieving that goal. But I wouldn’t be surprised if they all got bored and retired after a week, because it is what each of them are so used to doing. I’ll expect a flame post aimed at me or declaration of war by Toy or Spi because each of them have such big mouth’s you can’t tell which one is more of an equivalent to phin’s body. You too, can stay salty. (Neo intensifies)

Space Soldiers – Do I really need to say anything?

I expect some of you, actually, ALL OF YOU, to give some wise crack remark to me and have your nulls coming to my chat trying to put DCP down, but the fact of the matter is, DCP is the best, and in 2015 we proved that, and this year, we’ll prove it again no matter what comes our way from any of you.

power alliance2

Bless Up.


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